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Testing of a simple system is also not an easy task. It requires practical knowledge and experience. Testers require the appropriate tools to effectively test the software and detect potential bugs. This course will equip the testers with the right tool to meet the testing needs with strict schedules and tight budgets.

In this course, you will get to learn about the different techniques of test planning and risk analysis. It will also provide you knowledge of static testing of the codes and requirements. This course will offer you hands-on experience of the black-box techniques like decision tables, orthogonal arrays, equivalence classes, and state-transition diagrams.

You will also learn about the white-box techniques, including basis paths, set-up pairs, and branch and statement coverage. The course will help you learn how to write the bug reports, document the test cases, and track the test status. It will equip you with the attitudes and skills to become successful testers.

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What you will get? (Learning Outcomes):

  • Analyze, assess, prioritize, and finally document the potential risks of the system quality.
  • Understand the core goals, tactics, and strategies essential for effective testing.
  • Execution of test cases and tracking of the results.
  • Develop, design, and document the black-box, white-box, and static tests with the use of techniques like:
    • Decision Tables.
    • Reviews of code and requirements.
    • Orthogonal arrays.
    • Testing of customer workflow and live data.
    • Coverage of data flow.
    • Domain testing.
    • Analysis of boundary value and equivalence classes.
    • State-transition diagrams.
    • Strategies of integration test.
    • Unite basis test of McCabe.
    • Coverage of branch, statement, path, and condition.
  • Anomalies observed during research and write high quality and actionable bug reports.

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