API Automation Testing - Getting Started


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This course will take the professionals from a scratch level to an expert level. In this course, you will get to learn about the basics of API testing and working of API. At the end of the course, you will be capable of carrying out the API automation testing effectively. Even when you do not have any prior knowledge of API testing, you can take up this course and start from the very basics.

The course will also provide you with knowledge about the widely used tools of API testing like SOAPUI and POSTMAN. You will learn to automate the test project and execute as well as analyze the test results. The course offers you a strong foundation and enables you to perform the API performance tests with the help of tools like JMeter.

Length of the course:

6 hours


Anyone interested to learn API Automation testing
Anyone involved in API testing projects


General understanding of software testing concepts
Basic knowledge on SDLC and STLC

What participants will learn?

  1. Basics of API architecture
  2. How APIs work
  3. SOAP & REST
  4. How to do API test automation
  5. How to create API test automation project
  6. How to setup API tests in tools such POSTMAN, SOAPUI, JMeter
  7. Best practices for API testing

Course Outline

  • What is API
    • Introduction
    • What is API
    • Real world examples and analogies
  • How API work
    • API architecture (with simple demonstration)
    • Client-server communication basics
    • Examples
  • Major types of Web Service APIs
    • SOAP
    • REST
  • What is SOAP
    • What is a Soap web service
    • Terminologies used in soap communication protocol
    • How Soap web services work
  • What is REST
    • What are Restful web services
    • What is REST
    • REST architecture
    • How REST communication works
    • Examples
  • API Testing
    • What is API testing
    • Why to test APIs
    • API testing tools
    • Benefits of API testing
  • API Testing with SOAPUI
    • Introduction
    • Download and setup
    • Features
    • Sample test creation
    • Assertions
    • Scripting
    • Execution & Reporting
    • Debugging & Troubleshooting
    • Sample demo project
  • API Testing with POSTMAN
    • Introduction
    • Download & Setup
    • Features
    • Sample tests creation
    • Assertions
    • Scripting
    • Execution & Reporting
    • Debugging & Troubleshooting
    • Sample demo project
  • CI & CD
    • What is continuous integration & delivery
    • Demo with Jenkins
  • JMeter API Performance testing
    • Download and Setup
    • How to setup API performance test
    • Demo
  • Best Practices
    • Some industry best practices
    • Tips
  • Q&A | Feedback

The course was written by IIST and is licensed for sale by Expertley.

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