Advanced Test Automation Framework Design

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This course will expand the concepts of test automation and introduce more new concepts. The course is designed for the test automation professionals like the engineers, project managers, and others involved in framework design and designing of the automated test data. In this course, you will learn about the ways to improve the framework of test automation.

The course will expand your knowledge about the access-based data structure framework. You will learn to use the library functions to validate objects, report, and manage the project effectively. The course will also provide you with deeper insights about improving object recognition with the help of multiple exercises.

Length of session:

3 hrs 15 min

Body of Knowledge :


Participants will learn:

  • Learn about the advanced topics included in the Regular Expressions.
  • Learn about the latest methodologies for the project execution.
  • Learn anti-patterns exceptions and more coding patterns.
  • Learn to report within Negative and Range testing.
  • Outline of Framework Design and the potential challenges of Playback and Record.


  • Automated Framework Testing Review
    • Choosing an Automation Tool
    • Addressing Test Automation Challenges
    • Hybrid Framework Architectures
    • Database Framework Design
    • Absolute and Relative File Paths
  • Robust Execution
    • Data Placeholders and Data Replacement
    • Common Objects and Actions
    • Converting Data to Code with Dynamic Step Execution
    • Handling Failures and Exceptions
    • Test Re-Execution
    • Home State Recovery
  • Advanced Reporting
    • Actual Results match Expected Results
    • Actual Results within Expected Results Range
    • Negative Testing
  • Advanced Regular Expressions
    • RegEx "Gotchas"
    • Anchors and Ranges
    • Braces and Negative Shortcuts
  • Advanced Coding Standards
    • Coding Patterns and Anti-Patterns
    • Anti Pattern Exceptions -Global Switches
    • Framework-based Application Synchronization
  • Advanced Debugging
    • FILO Stack
    • Call Stack Trace
    • Static Code Analysis
  • Resolving Hidden Issues
    • Task Automation
    • User Rights
    • Deferring Inactivity Log Off
    • Estimating Test Automation ROI

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