Performance Testing for Web and Client/Server Applications

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The technology of the World Wide Web and Client/Server is witnessing extraordinary growth across the globe. The increasing use of the technologies in the different industries is making the companies to integrate the critical applications with the use of Web or C/S technologies. The increasing complexity level of such applications makes testing more challenging in terms of performance.

The performance of a system is mainly dependent on the load handling capacity during peak times in varying conditions. Performance testing can be performed in the simulated environment through the use of performance testing tools. As the system performance depends on a number of parameters, it needs to be tested at different stress levels. This course will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the ways to conduct the Web application and C/S testing. The course also includes a case study that will offer you a better understanding of the concepts and implementation tactics.


Participants will learn:

  • Learn the significance of architecture, planning and user perception in performance testing.
  • Learn about the different issues that arise in test analysis and execution.
  • Learn that functionality does not matter when performance goal is achieved.
  • Learn the ways to build a performance test strategy to test the C/S as well as Web applications.
  • Learn the importance of workload and benchmark for performance testing.


  • Performance in general (both C/S and Web)
    • Introduction
    • What is Performance Testing?
    • Need for Performance testing
    • Objectives
    • Variation of Performance Testing
  • Understanding of Issues in Performance Testing
    • Quality characteristics for C/S and Web
    • C/S business model
    • C/S technology and its variation
    • Characteristics of C/S architecture
    • Web Architecture
    • Peculiarities of C/S and Web applications
  • Get Ready for Performance Testing
    • How to Build a Strategy for Performance testing of both C/S and Web applications
    • Benchmarks
      • Definitions
      • Design issues
      • Standards (both C/S and Web)
    • Workload
      • Definitions
      • Characteristics
      • Planning
      • A case study discussion
    • Test Plan
    • Test Environment
    • Test Data
  • Test Execution
    • Test Scheduling
    • Issues in Test execution
    • Analysis of test results and guidelines
    • Issues in Performance testing

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