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This course is specially designed for the individuals who are preparing for the IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board), IQBBA (International Qualification Board for Business Analysis, and the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysts) certification exams. The course is based on the IREB and IIBA knowledge bodies.


The course will make you familiar with the importance of the right requirements and the different ways to gather and document them. It will help you understand the specific roles of the business analyst and requirements engineer. You will also get to learn how the business analyst interacts with the project team to deliver the exact products that meet the expectations of the customers.

The course will also give you an opportunity to know the right techniques to select the people who can obtain the requirements. This course will help you learn how to keep track and document the requirements in order to avoid missing out on anything. It will also provide you knowledge about which team member to interact with at which stage of the project.

The course will make you capable of completing the projects successfully. In this course, you will learn how to look at the requirement at each and every stage of the lifecycle and build the best product.

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The objectives of the course include:

  • Know the reasons behind the growing importance of business analysis or requirements engineering (K1).
  • Apply efficient requirements engineering and avoid problems in the project (K3).
  • Understand the basic terms (K2).
  • Understand the causes and consequences of poor requirements (K2).
  • Understand the importance of project conditions for success (K2).
  • Identify the key missing factors essential for success (K3).
  • Understand the meanings of context, scope, and interface (K2).
  • Identify the processes and model a system with the use of various tools and techniques (K3).
  • Estimate the potential risks (K3).
  • Apply the graphical forms like entity-relationship diagrams (K3).
  • Understand the dynamic environment and the importance of adaptation (K2).
  • Understand the methods used for defining the system behaviour (K2).
  • Apply the different techniques to specify the physical and logical boundaries of the system (K3).
  • Know the schemes of classification for the non-functional requirements (K1).
  • Understand the various human and social interaction factors that are important for success (K2).
  • Understand the ways to identify as well as structure the large quantities of terms (K2).
  • Know the risks of inadequate determination of the context, scope, and interface of the system (K1).
  • Understand the fundamental psychology and mechanism for effective communication and the essential skills for success (K2).
  • Understand the legal aspects of working with suppliers, contracts, and customers (K1).
  • Know the existence of the different forms of requirements and the need to consolidate them into a coherent whole (K1).
  • Know the actual roles of business analyst or requirements engineer (K1).
  • Understand the difference between the non-functional and functional requirements and the important acceptance criteria for each of them (K2).
  • Understand the application domain and product type that needs to be taken into consideration (K2).
  • Extract the important tasks from the job description requirements of the engineer/business analyst (K3).
What will you learn? (Learning Outcomes)
  • Unlimited access to the e-Learning course for three months.
  • Course completion certificate (useful for employer reimbursement).

The course has been accredited by the ASTQB in February 2017. The IIBA® Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide 2.0) can be purchased at The Syllabus for the IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Foundation Level is available at here for the Syllabus for the IQBBA Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst (CFLBA) certification.

RBCS received accreditation for this course from (accrediting body).

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