Software Testing As A Career

Speaking about software testing, it is a process through which the software quality is improved. In general, software testing is conducted in every phase of the product lifecycle, covering product design, coding, designing, and more. Most of the complex software structures need a complete and in-depth analysis as well as technical skills.

Besides, knowledge of programming languages is also required to carry out unit testing, and for automation testing, one must have scripting skills. Now let’s talk about a career in software testing. This particular career involves the process of assuring software quality. Studies have proved that around 40 percent of the efforts and time of software development are spent on different testing that involves users, testers, developers, and more.

It is the testers who make sure that the software works as per the requirements. Besides, the testers also need to make sure that the developed software is user-friendly. So, if you are choosing this career, then you need to make sure that you have all the required skills to carry out these tasks.

Understanding A Few Major Aspects Related to Starting A Career as A Software Tester:

1. Software Testing Techniques

You must have sound knowledge about all the fundamental techniques of software testing. To learn all the basics of software testing, you can go for certain certifications like CSTE- Certified Software Tester and ISTQB- International Software Testing Qualification Board. Expertley is a perfect platform to get such certifications.

As a tester, you need to properly review the codes to have a piece of perfect knowledge about software workflow and to identify the culprits affecting the software before the development of the software. That means you must have knowledge about white box testing. Additionally, software testers also deal with black box testing where they analyze fully functional software to detect the defects.

2. Knowledge of Different Software Testing Tools

You need to learn about various software testing tools that are used to carry out different tasks. For example, test automation, software security testing, defect identification, test management, and more. You can use various tools like HP Load Runner, Quick Test Professionals, Ranorex, IBM Rational Robot, etc. which are provided by vendors. For open-source tools, you can go for Bugzilla, Selenium, JMeter, and more.

Before stepping into this career, make sure that you have sound knowledge about using multiple tools, and you can write the required code for such a tool’s implementation. Remember that this requires strong technical knowledge, so prepare yourself accordingly. Don’t forget to learn about databases, for example, MySQL, Oracle, and more.

3. Domain

It is the area in which you want to specialize. You can opt for domains like Manufacturing, banking, insurance, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and more. You need to know about all the basic things about the domains. For example, to effectively test insurance software, a proper understanding of the insurance industry is very important. Keep this thing in mind.

4. Academic Background

Computer science is a good academic background to become a tester. Besides, A MCA, BCA, B.E, or BTech degree in Computers can also help you with this. If you don’t have any degree, then acquire ISTQB and CSTE certifications.

At Expertley, we offer all the required software testing certification courses that can prepare you to become a professional software tester.

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