Multiple Career Opportunities After Completing Software Testing Training

Software testing is a promising career option for students interested in entering the IT domain. Just like every other profession, it is good to have clarity about the career options available while pursuing software testing training. Following abstracts analyze extensively on this aspect for grater help of students.

Starting as A Testing Engineer to Become A Testing Manager

The first and obvious option that comes into mind post completion of software testing certification course is to work as a test engineer. They are primarily responsible for detecting the bugs in a program and reporting about the same to the developer. Post working for some years as a testing engineer one can easily get promoted as a testing leader, quality manager, and quality control architect. Undoubtedly, the salary package grows with the advancing position.

To Work as A Supply Chain Analyst

One may start a career as a supply chain analyst as well as post completion of software testing training. This is an interesting position where the professional remains in-charge of studying the functionalities associated with the company for fulfilling customer demand. They have to predict the customer demand in comparison with inventory status to maintain thorough balance. They analyze different testing methods and suggest and strategize fresh ways when needed.

Testing Analysts

Many modern-day students are keen about starting their career as an analyst or Test Analyst professional. The prime responsibility of a test analyst is to figure out the testing methods for concerned products of the company. They assess the quality standard of the product, demanding needful testing data and studying the results of every test performed. With growing experience and expertise, one can get promoted to senior test manager.

Quality Tool Developer/Engineer

Tools engineer is another fine option for the IT career aspirants post completion of software testing training. They basically develop software that has to be used by the testing professionals or those in the quality assurance department. This is indeed one of the challenging positions involving a good salary package. However, the position demands good coding skill from the aspirants.

Automation Testing

This is quite a simpler option post completion of software testing training, hence suits well for the beginners. Here the candidates remain responsible for the automation of application of the test cases to ensure things complete in quickest possible time. Those having good skill in tools like Silk Performer or QTP hold greater chances of getting hired.

Performance Test Engineer

Performance testing engineer is an equally promising position as well. Here the prime responsibility of the candidate remains about checking the responsive characteristic of the tool. Basically, it’s about checking loading time, level of load a tool can manage to handle, etc. This is also a nice option for beginners post completion of software testing training.

Business Analyst

This perhaps is the dream position one can expect of after completing software testing training. The biggest boon of the position is that it provides extensive B2B knowledge. The prime responsibility of the position is to analyze and make a thorough assessment of the business model of the concerned company and study its workflow channel. A business analyst remains responsible for integrating different models with available tools and technology to streamline the process.

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