ISTQB Certification Complete Guide

ISTQB certification is a globally acknowledged certification for software testing. This is considered as the most aspect of QA testing for many corporations. This certification is highly significant for those in search of a software testing job. ISTQB provides certification of 3 levels-foundation levels, advanced, and expert level.

As far as ISTQB certification is concerned, there are no prior educational requirements associated. All that ISTQB suggests that the interested candidates must possess work experience of six months, though it’s not a pre-requisite. ISTQB certification is offered or available in more than 70 nations. In these countries, a member board represents ISTQB. However, the names of the member boards do vary from one nation to the other. However, the syllabus meant for the test, the examination pattern, and other aspects are same everywhere. It is here to note that ISTQB is primarily a non-profit organisation functioned by the experts and volunteers.

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Advantages of ISTQB Certification

  • It is one of the most reckoned online software testing courses or certification that can be pursued by anyone, irrespective of the field he/she belongs to.
  • It is considered as one of the fastest-growing of its kind certification course for software testing.
  • Upon having this certification, one becomes eligible for doing jobs in testing domain all across the globe. All other courses for testing are country-specific.
  • There is no expiry as far as ISTQB is concerned. Other certifications, for example CSTP, is authorised for a period of three years only (one needs to reappear for the test).

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Foundation level Certification

ISTQB foundation level certification is primarily meant for entry-level, i.e. those who are at the fresher’s level. The primary aim behind the ISTQB foundation certification is about providing a piece of comprehensive knowledge and the key principles in domain of software testing. It can be a significant boost for professional promotion as well. Syllabus meant for this level encompasses six prime topics.

Advance level certification

Advanced level ISTQB certification is the next level of foundation level certification. It is effective for those professionals carrying a minimum of five years of experience as a software tester. Prime aim behind pursuing this certification is to provide a thorough knowledge of best practices followed in testing domain by the expert testers. It thus can be relevant for these professionals in terms of attaining higher professional growth. In this level of certification, the syllabus primarily has three prime dimensions called- behavioural testing (also called black-box testing).

  • Standards of testing meant for business-focussed testers, automation testing.
  • Structural testing/ white box testing meant for testers dealing with technical aspects and programmers.
  • Sophisticated test management courses for those at managerial level. 

It is suggested to pursue thorough ISTQB Training for best score.

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Expert level Certification

As the name suggests, the Expert level certification is meant for the team leaders those belong to the domain of software testing. Here the testing professionals are suggested to carry at least eight years of experience. The prime aim behind this level of certification is meant for providing thorough knowledge and expertise in most advanced technicalities. The certification is provided by pros in testing domain. Those who want to be the team leaders of testing teams should also pursue the certification program. As a matter of specialisation, the syllabus of this certification is also set in accordance.

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How to Apply for ISTQB Certification in India?

It is suggested to get enrolled with the ISTQB certification at advanced level of the planned date for taking up the certification. Those who are up for taking up the exam through the Indian Testing Board are suggested to go through the following steps. It is here to mention that ITB is an acknowledged member of Indian ISTQB board.

  • First of all, figure out the dates of ISTQB and the centre of examination of the concerned city.
  • Finish the process of filling the form of enrolment providing thorough details.
  • Instructions are delivered straight to the personal mail ID instantly upon finishing the enrolment.
  • Fees for the course at the foundation level test are 4,580 INR at present for public test, which is INR 4k for corporate test (in case there is above ten candidates from the concerned company for the test, then the test can be organised by ITB. It is known as the corporate test. One may connect with associated professionals of ITB on this matter.
  • Do send a DD of the same amount as mentioned or asked for through postal mail. The DD should be made to Software Testing Certification Board, which can be paid at ‘New Delhi’, i.e. to the office of ITB in Noida. One can address the Bangalore office as well. It is suggested to provide details of registration along contact detail at the back side of the DD.
  • Registration and payment for the online test can be made up to 11 days prior to the test.
  • It is advised to take any of the Photo ID card, be it DL, passport, or voter ID to appear for the certification.
  • The outcomes of foundation level test are notified instantly as these are conducted over the web. In case of others, the results are intimated in a couple of weeks. Moreover, the certificate can be obtained in eight weeks of time.
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