Boost Your Testing Career with ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst Course

Are you someone interested in developing a career in the IT domain? Are you a software tester looking for an easy yet promising way out to grow? If the answer is yes, then you should aim for a test analyst position. Test analyst is a position in the IT domain with an incredible prospect. There is indeed demand; all that one need is to be proficient.

Why You Should Go For Advanced Testing Courses?

Academically, one needs a graduation degree in computer science or IT for this position. But, more than mere academic certificates, recruiters emphasize skill for this position. And, the skill that one requires for this position is not a part of IT academic syllabus. Well, don’t be worried as the good news is that there is the option of advanced software testing courses for those who want to develop skill and empower themselves for the position. Anyone who has done the Foundation level course can go for it.


How Does The Course Can Help Test Analysts?

  1. Recruiters always expect perfection of test cases from a test analyst. The ISTQB advanced test analyst course enables the test analysts to address those aspects essential for meeting the technical perfections with testing strategy. The course provides a thorough insight into the techniques and methods as per the software testing. The best part, it provides an overview for both white and black box tests.
  2. Post completion of the course, a tester or test analyst becomes enriched with selecting the right technique. Also, it provides them with the application of knowledge of deriving test cases and performing dynamic analysis. It teaches about the non-functional testing methods and portability testing.
  3. The course provides the scope of gaining knowledge regarding the modes of developing architectures for effective automation. It also provides exposure with tools essential for gaining desired quality.

RBCs have prepared this course. Expertley holds its license for the business. Most importantly, it’s a thoroughly accredited course as RBCs has got the accreditation.


ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst Course Objectives

  1. To explain the criteria having its effects on constructing and developing test condition.
  2. Define the modes of using test design and analytics for figuring out the flaws before test execution.
  3. Define where the tests based on architecture and non-functional tests meet well with the application lifecycle.
  4. Figure out an approach as per the challenges of planning and implementing the testing.
  5. Explaining test oracles, along with the modes of using the concepts, and real-time examples through testing specifications.
  6. To list the regular examples of defects that must be figured out in every technique
  7. Defining and elaborating the entry norms for the execution of various tests. This comprises the test environment, testware, defect management, and configuration management.
  8. To write the test case upon using the design methods for white-box tests, like:
  9. Decision Testing
  10. Statement Testing
  11. Multiple condition Testing
  12. Condition determination Testing
  13. To write the test cases upon using the design methods of black-box tests, including:
    1. Decision Tables
    2. Equivalence Partitioning
    3. State Transition Testing
    4. Boundary Value Analysis
  14. To enable the candidates in understanding the reasons associated with that includes portability testing, accessibility testing, and maintainability tests with test strategies. Also, it enables in citing the test cases for fulfilling the characteristics.
  15. As per ISO 9126, it enables in characterising the test method, identifies the numerous flaws discovered by the reliability, efficiency, and security tests, and to identify the test cases.
  16. Conduct analysis of the systems and providing requirement specifications identifying the suitable white and black box methods meant for addressing desired objectives, and outlining the test specifications, according to IEEE 829.
  17. Preparing a regular checklist of defects that can be witnessed while reviewing code and architecture.
  18. Comparing various kinds of reviews and identifying the positive and negative aspects of each.
  19. To analyze, define, and classify the non-functional and functional defects convincingly.

Perks One Can Obtain Upon Pursuing ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst Course

  1. Unlimited access to the course for three months.
  2. 500 PowerPoint slides covering each of the topics within the course.
  3. Complete Software Testing Standard.
  4. Advanced Level Syllabus of ISTQB.
  5. Sample questions and Foundation Level mock test offering an overview for the candidates.
  6. An overall summary of the entire software testing norms generated by the ISTQB members.
  7. Complete exercise solutions in the course.
  8. There are complete exercise source documents available in the course.
  9. Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst sample questions available all through the course.
  10. Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst mock tests.

Above all, the candidates can obtain certificate post completion of the course to provide major help in their employment. So, just enroll for the course today and give a major boost to your testing career!

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